On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 9:55 PM, Stuart Longland <redhat...@gentoo.org> wrote:
>> STMicroelectronics MIPS systems (Lemote, Gdium, etc) are becoming more
>> common, and we should definitely do a better job supporting them. (I
>> should mention that I've been loaned a Yeelong by Daniel Clark, of
>> freedomincluded.com, to fix up the siliconmotion driver.)
> Interesting... I've found Zhang Le's overlay includes a quite workable
> siliconmotion driver which runs fine on my Yeeloong.
> The only catch is that one must compile it with -march=loongson2f in
> CFLAGS... -mips3 (my preference) won't do.

The main purpose of my project here is to write a kernel modesetting
driver. Apparently lots of FSF fanatics use Yeelongs entirely from the
terminal, so the potential for faster console scrolling speed is
somewhat appealing to them. ;)

> Out of interest... did you get around to those n32 stages at all?  I'd
> like to get some of my old SGI kit up and going, some of them will need
> a complete reinstall... so I may as well do that using n32 from the
> outset.
> My O2 can remain o32 for now since it was the one still standing after
> all this time.  The others, the userland is broken/stale to the point of
> uselessness.

I tried again last week to make n32 stages, but have had a terrible
time with catalyst.

The main problem I run into is that I can't get catalyst to
acknowledge any package.keywords files (which as I understand might be
by design), so I'm unable to put together a stage from the versions
I'd like to stabilize. Are your recent o32 stages straight-up ~mips?
Can you post your spec files somewhere?


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