Hi Vikram, 

there is one important aspect of your program that really needs to be 
documented (and comments in the code are not enough):

What data exactly is the client sending to the server?!

What you need is basically an easy-to-find file / web page / ... where this is 
explained concise and in simple words. As long as that does not exist, your 
program will not find much acceptance. 

Apart from that, I like the entire project, and am curious about its results.


Am Montag 22 August 2011, 23:20:30 schrieb Vikraman:
> Hi all,
> Gentoostats[0] is a GSoC 2011 project to collect package statistics from 
> gentoo
> machines. Please check it out. Bug reports and feature suggestions are 
> welcome.
> To submit your stats, use the app-portage/gentoostats ebuild from betagarden
> overlay[1].
> [0] https://soc.dev.gentoo.org/gentoostats/
> [1] https://soc.dev.gentoo.org/gentoostats/about

Andreas K. Huettel
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