i am a user and i am ok with opt-out if the std data that is transferd
is compleatly anonymized
so no sensitive data.

and if the user wants to register his/her machine pkg's more data is trasnfered


2011/8/24 Thomas Kahle <to...@gentoo.org>:
> On 13:03 Wed 24 Aug 2011, Andreas K. Huettel wrote:
>> Am Mittwoch 24 August 2011, 12:48:35 schrieb Patrick Lauer:
>> >
>> > If you sneakily add something to cron.daily by default you can get
>> > pretty nice coverage. But I guess anyone trying that in Gentooland will
>> > meet some rather unpleasant resistance :)
>> >
>> Of course, we could place it in some blatantly obvious way into a default 
>> configuration, together with a big fat message what it does and how to 
>> quickly disable it.
>> We'd get better coverage in an opt-out system than in an opt-in system.
>> (First idea- package is pulled in by a default-on useflag and installs 
>> itself into cron.daily. BEFORE it runs the first time it outputs said 
>> message and asks for permission to proceed (which cannot be done in the cron 
>> job obviously but we'd find a way).)
> Sorry, but NO.  If you want you can make a big noise message that asks
> users to install the cron-job but opt-out is not an option here.
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