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> There's been a lot of discussion about relying on GitHub for pull
> requests and code review and such, so I have set up a Phabricator
> instance against gentoo.git to see how a free alternative might work.
> Here's a few examples of how things could work:
> General post-commit review:
> http://phabricator.astralcloak.net/rGENTOO27ba62d0c7fcabdc79ce82a064b43d67b3b11cca
> Tracking commits with issues that need attention:
> http://phabricator.astralcloak.net/audit/query/open/
> Pre-commit review: http://phabricator.astralcloak.net/D1
> Phabricator also has all sorts of fancy (optional) features that could
> be useful for collaborative development (see http://phabricator.org/ for
> more info).
> What do you think?

At a first glance -- terribly unreadable, wtf is all that tiny stuff
thrown at me all at once? But I guess we can get used to it, or get
some kind of sane theme. Tiny, gray text on a little brighter gray
background with some more shades of gray-cyan around doesn't help
readability at all.

What's the deal with 'rGENTOO56bd759df1d0'? Can't it be made to use
normal commit hashes, or at least put some separator in that? I know
enlightenment people like this kind of stuff but it's neither friendly,
not readable. And it's going to make copy-paste harder.

Second thought, it's slow. I mean, I open a directory and wait a few
seconds for detailed information to appear, with my CPU getting hot for
no good reason. I can only guess how hot the server gets in the

GitHub registration is a nice touch. Sad you need to retype the e-mail
address though.

Again, the GUI is far from intuitive. Can inline comments be added only
in diff mode? Since it doesn't want to show the diff for 'huge'
commits, this prevents us from commenting in some contexts.

Does it actually support pull requests at all? All I was able to find
was ability to paste a diff...

Best regards,
Michał Górny

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