On 17/02/16 13:38, Chí-Thanh Christopher Nguyễn wrote:
> Michał Górny schrieb:
>>> With the exception that Lennart Poettering is the lead developer of
>>> systemd/udev, while such a thing cannot be said about you and eudev.
>> He's lead developer of *systemd*. udev is a split part of systemd
>> codebase which has specific maintainers.
> systemd and udev share the same codebase. You can no longer build udev
> without systemd. udev is only a sub-project of systemd now, hence the
> name "systemd-udevd".
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> Chí-Thanh Christopher Nguyễn
How hard is it to understand that there really is no longer a standalone
udev .. it's part of another project .. therefore no longer separate.
One of the developers already works for systemd. The other is clearly
busy with kernel coding.

My two cents for today:


+5 for Chi-Thanh for keeping it factual and objective.

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