>>>>> On Wed, 21 Sep 2016, Kent Fredric wrote:

>> Under that new scheme, how would I apply patches unpacked into
>> WORKDIR? In EAPI 6, I can put them into the PATCHES variable and use
>> the default src_prepare to process it.

> oh. Right. Huh, I had somehow overlooked there was already a PATCHES
> in EAPI6, because I'd been using an equivalent since EAPI5 :)

> Right, so this would kill 90% of my suggestion by
> already-being-defined.

> So the only remaining thing to think about in terms of usefulness is
> the ability for repoman to potentially validate entries in PATCHES.

> In your scenario where you have local patches instead of patches in
> ${FILESDIR}, what does the contents of PATCHES look like?

Well, it could contain entries for both types of paths, like
"${WORKDIR}"/path/to/foo.patch or "${FILESDIR}"/path/to/bar.patch.

> Would there be a way to identify entries in PATCHES that are
> children of ${FILESDIR} during `repoman full` and assert they exist?

Obviously they could be identified by their explicit ${FILESDIR}.


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