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> Obviously they could be identified by their explicit ${FILESDIR}.

My question is because I've had a difficulty understanding how repoman
"sees" the ebuild.

I was under the impression repoman would either have to rely on people to be 
programmers and not do tricks like ${FILESDIR}/${MY_PN}-${PATCHLEVEL}.patch

( so that it could verify the part after the explicit filesdir variable
), or it would have to source the ebuild and expand variable
interpolations, and have some way of knowing *postinterpolation* what
the variables expanded to.

Given I think programmers *should* be allowed to use variables other
than "${FILESDIR}" in $PATCHES, it seems only reasonable that repoman
would need a post-interpolation way of checking they're all accounted

Partly, because a certain usecase that would be good to guard against
is $PATCHES contains ${PV}, and the ebuild is bumped, and nobody
notices there is a patch that also needs bumping to keep that working.

Ideally committers should detect this when they compile their package
and the package explodes in src_prepare, but we do have a few cases
where people skip that stage and there's no safeguard, and autorepoman
can't even warn anyone that's happened as it doesn't poke into $PATCHES

( at least, irrc )

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