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Ulrich Mueller <u...@gentoo.org> wrote:

> Under that new scheme, how would I apply patches unpacked into
> WORKDIR? In EAPI 6, I can put them into the PATCHES variable and use
> the default src_prepare to process it.

oh. Right. Huh, I had somehow overlooked there was already a PATCHES in EAPI6,
because I'd been using an equivalent since EAPI5 :)

Right, so this would kill 90% of my suggestion by already-being-defined.

So the only remaining thing to think about in terms of usefulness is the ability
for repoman to potentially validate entries in PATCHES.

In your scenario where you have local patches instead of patches in 
${FILESDIR}, what
does the contents of PATCHES look like?

Would there be a way to identify entries in PATCHES that are children of 
during `repoman full` and assert they exist?

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