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> That is, similar syntax as for SRC_URI? That would make parsing of the
> FILES variable by ebuilds practically impossible. So presumably, one
> would need another variable similar to A then, containing the files
> from FILES but without the USE-disabled ones.

Yeah, that's the sort of misgivings I had when I thought of a similar
idea myself.

I'd much rather a way to label groups of files by purpose, have portage
validate them, and then apply certain labels manually against certain
USE flags

For instance,

   FILES["foo"] = "foo.patch bar.patch"
   FILES["quux"] = "quux.patch"


   if use foo; then
     eapply $FILES["foo"]
    eapply $FILES["quux"]

But that gets into things that are too hard to do in bash, like named
arrays ( doable but unfamilar for most ) and arrays-in-named-arrays
( ummm )

Probably not a good idea to push the limitations of bash in this way.

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