>>>>> On Mon, 17 Oct 2016, Michał Górny wrote:

> Let's also add -c for C programs, and -cxx for C++ programs. -py for
> pure Python stuff, -cpy when stuff includes extensions compiled in
> C, -cxxpy extensions in C++. We should also have special -x86asm
> suffix for packages that rely on non-portable x86 assembly, or maybe
> even -x86asm-sse when they use some fancy instruction sets. And then
> don't forget to add a suffix for license,

Yes please, let's add a -non-free suffix to all packages with a
license outside of the @FREE group. ;)

> for GUI library (because obviously nobody wants GTK+ software on KDE
> systems, nor GTK+3 software on GTK+ systems).

But seriously, what has become of the package tags proposal? It seems
to me that it would fit some of the things suggested previously in
this thread.


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