On 01/12/16 09:33, Sam Jorna wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 09:23:56PM +0000, Andrey Utkin wrote:
>> The difference between my submission and final variant by Matthew is big
>> in number of lines, but is trivial in content as you can see below, so I
>> don't believe that Matthew has written his variant from scratch on his
>> own (he hasn't given any note on tickets on bugs.g.o or github), it
>> seems more like intentional swapping and amending original lines
>> retaining identical outcome.
>> Not that authorship of one or two commits is so crucial for me, or that
>> I'm the most ambitious wannabe-contributor. Hell, there's not much of
>> code at all in the ebuild - it's trivial; but also not much is needed
>> here to give credit. I have contributed to quite some FOSS projects, and
>> have run into theft of my patches a couple of times, and it never was by
>> pure accident.
> Though I wasn't involved in these commits, I have seen how easy and
> accidental it is to lose authorship information on a commit. That being
> said, finding where to draw the line on authorship can be difficult.
> I'm not sure how many others are aware of this, but I'll mention it just
> in case: provided it's done before pushing commits, the commit metadata
> and message can be amended locally with
>   git commit --amend --author="Joe Smith <jsm...@nowhere.blah>"
> This will update the Author tag but leave the Committer tag untouched
> (and will allow fixing any problems with the commit message itself).
> Amending commits that are not the tip of your local clone will probably
> need an interactive rebase though (but I could be wrong about that).

I've added a new section on the wiki page about this:

Improvements welcome.

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