Hi Matthew,

Please take my deepest excuses for unjustly blaming you, now I see that
my perception was plain wrong in being so blindly emotional.

On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 05:43:36PM -0600, Matthew Thode wrote:
> While I did see your PR and bug if I remember correctly I didn't
> actually use your commit or your ebuild to source it.  I added it based
> on the bug iirc (which is still waiting on the link it seems).

Indeed, the link to PR was never added to bugzilla ticket, which is odd
on my side. I guess I could have connectivity issues back then.

> I should
> have mentioned that bug at the very least though and/or worked with you
> on the ebuild.

> Again, sorry about not updating the bug or waiting to work with you on
> the PR.  If there's something else I can do for this let me know.

Again sorry for false accusation and not getting in touch with you
before starting public discussion.

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