On 12/01/2016 02:13 PM, Andrey Utkin wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 12:50:42PM -0800, Daniel Campbell wrote:
>> I completely agree that we should credit (and thank) contributors. I'm
>> not sure if I'm doing things correctly, but when I'm dealing with a bug
>> and users contribute patches or edits to ebuilds, I try to credit them
>> in my commit message, often asking them which nickname they'd prefer so
>> I can give credit to the "right" name. Is this a practice you find adequate?
> As turned out, the problem was lack of communication rather than
> misprocessing of original contribution.
> In Git, t's harder to erase the original authorship than to retain it,
> so I don't see the need to discuss subtleties here. Common practice I
> see in such projects as FFmpeg and Kernel is to pick the original patch
> if possible, or, if credit must be given just for mere concept, the
> contributor is mentioned in "Suggested-by:" line or just informally.
>> Thanks for bringing this to attention. It's somewhat related to another
>> discussion we've been having about copyright, and it may be worth
>> considering protocol for situations like the one you've outlined.
> Could you  please give a link to archives of that discussion?
I'm a little busy this afternoon, but I have the subject titles for a
few of the relevant posts:

[gentoo-dev] Contributed ebuilds and copyright questions
(Oct 24th)

[gentoo-dev] GLEP RFC: Third-party contributions
(Oct 27th)

I remember one more, I believe started by rich0? But it's not in my mail
client anymore as I routinely purge older discussions. I can look for it
tonight if you'd like.

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