On Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 12:50:42PM -0800, Daniel Campbell wrote:
> I completely agree that we should credit (and thank) contributors. I'm
> not sure if I'm doing things correctly, but when I'm dealing with a bug
> and users contribute patches or edits to ebuilds, I try to credit them
> in my commit message, often asking them which nickname they'd prefer so
> I can give credit to the "right" name. Is this a practice you find adequate?

As turned out, the problem was lack of communication rather than
misprocessing of original contribution.

In Git, t's harder to erase the original authorship than to retain it,
so I don't see the need to discuss subtleties here. Common practice I
see in such projects as FFmpeg and Kernel is to pick the original patch
if possible, or, if credit must be given just for mere concept, the
contributor is mentioned in "Suggested-by:" line or just informally.

> Thanks for bringing this to attention. It's somewhat related to another
> discussion we've been having about copyright, and it may be worth
> considering protocol for situations like the one you've outlined.

Could you  please give a link to archives of that discussion?

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