On 4/19/20 3:41 PM, Samuel Bernardo wrote:
>> EGO_SUM is not a legitimate approach to packaging. You have to create
>> packages for each package. I know, it sounds crazy when you say it.
> I understand what you mean, but deem this dependencies as internal
> project dependencies where those libraries doesn't worth the effort to
> package them all. I mean, most of these projects have an immutable
> deployment approach that are not feasable to be packaged. The problem
> starts from upstream...

You can do whatever you want in an overlay, but you can't introduce
security vulnerabilities and license issues into thousands of peoples'
homes and businesses through ::gentoo because it makes your life a tiny
bit easier.

The job description of distribution developer is, ultimately, to fix all
the dumb things that upstream does before packaging the result so that
your users get a consistent, usable, reliable, and secure product. But
the first step isn't optional. Re-packaging garbage is easy -- that's a
service nobody needs.

Using ebuilds this way is also simply a waste of your time. If you're
not going to package the dependencies, then you're better off using the
upstream bundling tool. At least then you can update the hundreds of
bundled dependencies afterwards. With an ebuild that's not possible.

I don't mean to discourage you any more than necessary. I'm glad you
want to help. But please quit looking to Go as an example of anything
anyone should be doing.

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