On 8/18/20 8:52 PM, Miroslav Šulc wrote:
> is there a way or would it be possible to get notified on pull
> requests that are relevant to me? though i get notifications from
> github, i get tens to hundreds daily and most of them are irrelevant
> to me so searching for those few that are related to me is really
> inefficient for me.

You should receive them for any team you're part of? But as you said,
sometimes they're in the hundreds per day. The only way I'm aware to
sort them is by configuring your e-mail client's filtering. If you use
GMail for your devpost, it's pretty easy.

> if a maintainer is mia and does not accept pull requests, there is
> much lower chance to get his/her package fixed/bumped. i personally do
> not hesitate to step up and fix a package though i do not maintain it
> if the bug bothers me and i see no activity from the maintainer. and
> if i can find a pull request for such a package, it could save me some
> time. so what i had on my mind is a situation with maintainer mia +
> no-pull-requests-policy -> worse situation than maintainer mia and
> yes-pull-requests-policy.

If you see a devaway permitting that, sure go ahead. Otherwise it's not
different to how things are now - wait for maintainer timeout, get their
approval in IRC or by e-mail, or ask QA to do it / permission to do it.

>> I believe toggling the flag per-package basis is too much. Sure I can
>> see the situation where this happens, but the point here is to enable
>> communication between contributor and maintainer. If you're not
>> accepting PRs to some packages, you can close the PR informing
>> contributor about it. It'd be better than leave it to rot for months,
>> years, with no answer.
> you know much better than me how pull requests are processed and what
> benefits and problems those bring. for me pull requests are generally
> good thing but sometimes when i see the quality of them, basic issues
> not resolved like the missing signed-off-by, contributors not
> responding and disappearing... i'm just not sure this whole effort
> will bring some advancement, but i trust your opinion on that as you
> are the one spending a lot of time on github. anyway, when it comes to
> this feature mentioned above, if it might be of any use, it can work
> as an override for package where it is specified and otherwise be
> undefined. in the end the contributor will be interested in whether
> the package accepts pull requests, not a dev or project.
If you see faults in the PR, please let the contributor know. It's their
only way to improve. Yeah not everyone reads all docs, but if you work
with them, the quality gets better.

There is a reason for every PR. Nobody will get flooded by them, since
there shouldn't be a continuous reason to push them right? And if there
is, maybe it implies something about the current state of maintenance...

And the package inherits "acceptance state" of its maintainers which'd
then be visible, per-package.

> can't we have a bug tracker for this webapp? i think it's so useful
> that it would deserve such a space :-)

You're asking for a tracker, just letting everyone know there is a way
to file/list bugs for packages.gentoo.org:

New bug -> Websites -> Packages. Arzano should decide whether we track
this or not. But for sure a bug about this needs to be created, unless
other people shoot the idea down.

-- juippis

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