On 7/6/22 18:04, Fabian Groffen wrote:
> - please do not needlessly change style: if you do not "maintain" the
>   ebuild, respect the style of the maintainer, so only add the changes
>   you need, keep it minimal, respect the original even though you don't
>   like it (and don't use QA as an excuse to change style)

QA actually states to honor the maintainer's style as much as possible,
"Respect developers' coding preferences. Unnecessarily changing the
syntax of an ebuild can cause complications for others. Syntax changes
should only be done if there is a real benefit, such as faster
compilation, improved information for the end user, or compliance with
Gentoo policies. "

Of course there are some "strict" rules, but very much is left to the

> - when you make a change, make sure you check for bugs in the following
>   days, so you can cleanup yourself should there be fallout

ago does a good job CCing the commit author too in his bug reports, if
the person is not the maintainer. This only applies to tinderbox bugs
though. Obviously you should manually CC the author if you see the bug
coming from their commit.

-- juippis

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