On Mon, Jul 04, 2022 at 04:19:12PM +0200, Florian Schmaus wrote:
> I'd like to propose a new metadata XML element for packages:
>      <non-maintainer-commits-welcome/>
> Maintainers can signal to other developers (and of course contributors 
> in general) that they are happy with others to make changes to the 
> ebuilds without prior consultation of the maintainer.
> Of course, this is not a free ticket to always make changes to packages 
> that you do not maintain without prior consultation of the maintainer. I 
> would expect people to use their common sense to decide if a change may 
> require maintainer attention or not. In general, it is always a good 
> idea to communicate changes in every case.
> The absence of the flag does not automatically allow the conclusion that 
> the maintainer is opposed to non-maintainer commits. It just means that 
> the maintainer's stance is not known. I do not believe that we need a 
> <non-maintainer-commits-disallowed/> flag, but if the need arises, we 
> could always consider adding one. Although, in my experience, people 
> mostly like to communicate the "non-maintainer commits welcome" policy 
> with others.

Personally I think something per-maintainer rather than per package
would be simpler, and allow to say more as needed.

Think like devaway instructions, but something more permanent and
not for being away, e.g.
"feel free to touch my packages except this big important one, and
or do or do not do this to them"

> - Flow


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