On 04/07/2022 17.27, David Seifert wrote:
Ultimately, all these things really matter when only the defaults
change. Turn-right-on-red in the US is such a thing, because unless
otherwise stated, it's the norm. Knowing our devbase, with roughly 75%
mostly AWOL and barely reading the MLs, I don't think this idea will
bring about the desired change.

This sounds like you assume that the majority of Gentoo devs are OK with other people making changes to their packages. This very well could be true, but without an indication you never know if the maintainer feels this way.

Instead, we should really just go for
the <non-maintainer-commits-disallowed/> tag, because my feeling is that
the default will be that most maintainers don't mind non-maintainer
commits, except a select few territorial ones.

It appears that we have at least two options here:

A) Establish that the default is non-maintainer-commits-welcome, and introduce a <non-maintainer-commits-disallowed/> metadata element.

B) Declare the default to be unspecified and introduce two metadata elements: <non-maintainer-commits-welcome/> and <non-maintainer-commits-disallowed/>.

I think you are proposing A) here, but please correct me if I am wrong.

Personally I would tend to B). But I have no strong opinion on this, as long as some kind of signalling is established.

How do others feel about this?

- Flow

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