> On 13 Jul 2022, at 19:50, Arthur Zamarin <arthur...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> On 13/07/2022 11.12, Ulrich Mueller wrote:
>>>>>>> On Mon, 11 Jul 2022, Ulrich Mueller wrote:
>> So, any opinions? Should we go for the longer transition time (and make
>> overlay maintainers happy), or for a shorter time so that we can tidy up
>> eclasses sooner?
>> Ulrich
> My personal take on this question. Faster deprecation of EAPI ebuilds in
> ::gentoo repo (as we can control it), but longer time until we remove it
> from eclasses. Note that I don't mean here deprecation, only removal.
> I think that with current EAPI>=6 state, the "weight of supporting"
> EAPI=6 isn't very heavy, so some extra time for overlays will be nice. I
> do know that I don't help a lot in eclass maintenance, so if I wrong in
> this statement, I won't complain of course.
> Maybe (?) this will also help during bumps of old systems (not that we
> care too much, as we give them along timeframe for this and they can use
> snapshots of repo, but why not as an extra bonus).

Yeah, I broadly agree with this. Making things predictable for
downstreams is important.


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