>>>>> On Tue, 02 Aug 2022, Sam James wrote:

>> On 1 Aug 2022, at 22:24, Duncan <1i5t5.dun...@cox.net> wrote:
>> The language point:
>> Am I the only one for whom the omission of "from" makes the sentence read
>> smoother?  (Maybe it's a regional English thing?)
>> ; this will prevent the learning curve [...] from becoming too steep...
>> ; this will prevent the learning curve [...] becoming too steep...

> It reads slightly smoother without "from" but I didn't notice it when
> reading myself.

> I guess we can drop it.

But is it grammatically correct with the "from"?
seems to suggest so:

| The verb *prevent* is never followed by an infinitive.
| Use the patterns *prevent someone/something doing something*
| or *prevent someone/something from doing something* [...]

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