> 2nd RFC: Recruiting proven contributors without a mentor
> I'm aware recruiters don't really need to ask a permission here, but I
> believe it's great to gauge the general feelings about this beforehand.
> What would you say if recruiters started more actively approaching
> potential developers? And currently I'm talking about people who have
> been active for a very long time (+year or two), who keep up with
> development-wise changes in Gentoo (eclasses, EAPI, virtuals...),
> participate in the community, and always provide top-quality
> contributions, but for some reason never got a mentor? I'd like to point
> out that this method would only be for the very few ones and recruiting
> through mentoring would still be the desired method. 
> Recruiting through
> recruiters would still require the candidate to fill the
> ebuild/developer quiz, and they'd have to pass it without a mentor. So
> I'll emphasize: Currently only few special ones would qualify.

These who would fit here are the people where mentoring takes literally
no effort. So someone could be mentor in name - which would also have
the advantage that the future developer has someone to talk to if there
are any problems or questions.

I dont think this actually brings an improvement.

Andreas K. Hüttel
Gentoo Linux developer
(council, toolchain, base-system, perl, libreoffice)

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