Hello everyone,

some days ago I asked about a portage API on #gentoo-portage and they
pointed me to the new portage rewrite (saviour branch). Because I want
to do a complete OO rewrite of my program glcu (glcu.sf.net) a OO
portage API would be really useful. And I think this would be useful for
any other portage tool (e.g. porthole or everything in gentoo-
portage-tools ) as well. So before I write some extra stuff that can
only be applied to my program, it would probably be a lot better to
directly help with a high level portage API.  Therefore I would
appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. To be
able to start, I have a few questions:

- Is one of these svn-web-repository up to date?
  * http://sources.gentoo.org/viewcvs.py/portage/main/branches/savior/
  * http://mzz.mine.nu/bzr/savior-svn/portage/

- Where can I find general ideas about the functionality of the planned
  new portage API. (TODO files, anything about the general structure)

- Is any API functionality already implemented (so that I can learn how
  it is meant to work). Where can I find the corresponding files?

- When is the best time to find some people of the savior branch in
  #gentoo-portage (I don't have time to lure in the # all the time, but
  it's probably the best and quickest way to get more informations)

Any help is very much appreciated!


Michael Schilling                  

 URL  : http://glcu.sf.net/

"Change my name I remain the same." - Moloko
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