On Tue, 2006-14-03 at 16:33 +0200, tvali wrote:
> I did think about it now and it seems to me that probably it would be
> much faster if esearch is not just another package, but part of
> portage.
> I mean -- functions of portage, which query db, should use esearch
> index wherever they need information, which exists in that index.
> As much as i can understand, /var/cache/edb/ contains esearch database
> in many files and esearchdb.py is search index as python script.

I have been considering adding the esearch database and code into
porthole, or possibly a modified version of it.

> I think that SQL functions for searching and other things are maybe
> not much faster than py (as py seems to be fast enough, at least if
> there are more important things to do), but simpler to use. Therefore
> i think that rewriting the whole thing with SQL support may be still
> better.
> I will make it clear for me, what those emerge db functions do and
> still try to do something, what connects them to SQL.

If I recall, (there has been lots of discussion about converting portage
to use databases, just check the mail archives and forum) portage
already has sqlite support, but is not yet used.  Sqlite is smaller and
has less dependencies than mysql.

> Anyway, i am still interested, is there some code or other
> documentation about how portage works, especially how it keeps it's
> data?

Also, many of the features you talked about are already implemented in
porthole,  such as continuing after a failed package, filtering out
warnings, important messages, etc..

Check it out.


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