On Thu, 2006-04-06 at 13:13 -0700, Zac Medico wrote:
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> Hi everyone,
> I think the current quality level of the 2.1 branch is good enough to make it 
> a release candidate.  From my perspective, it seems like a waste of 
> everyone's time to roll a 2.0.55 release when 2.1 is a perfectly good 
> replacement (with lots of bug fixes relative to 2.0.54).
> I know there are probably some additional features that people would like to 
> get into 2.1 before we make this transition.  Despite this, I think that it's 
> in everyone's best interest to retire the the 2.0.x branch as soon as 
> possible so that it doesn't waste people's time.  This transition doesn't 
> necessarily mean that it's going to be "a long time" before some desired 
> feature X is available in the stable version of portage.  The next release 
> after 2.1 (2.2 or whatever) doesn't necessarily have to be too far off in the 
> future.
> So, I'd like to create 2.1 branch that is closed to mostly anything except 
> regression fixes and release it as portage-2.1_rc1 this Saturday.  We can 
> continue to do ~arch releases of the development branch (2.2 or whatever it 
> becomes) every 2 weeks.  Does now seem like a good time for this transition?  
> Your feedback would be appreciated.

If this has been repeated elsewhere than sorry for the re-post.

The resolver still needs a bit of work before it's ready.

Handling of the || () in ROOT!=/ via the -K option is not in that 
good of shape in 2.1_NXX and can't really be used. Till that's 
addressed 2.1(re-ping jason) in my eyes absolutely should 
not even be considered for any rc status.

Other than that I'm quite pleased with many aspects of 2.1

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