On Saturday 08 April 2006 07:36, Ned Ludd wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-04-07 at 14:19 -0400, solar wrote:
> > FEATURES="buildpkg" ROOT=/ emerge gcc
> > rm -rf /dev/shm/foo
> > 
> > ROOT=/dev/shm/foo emerge gcc -pvK
> > 
> > Notice how it selects the incorrect deps? 
> > IE: eselect cuz it's the first listed dep in the || ( ) vs the
> > gcc-config
> + When you already have a copy of gcc-config installed on / and in 
> .tbz2 format in ${PKGDIR}/All and no eselect anywhere.

This should work. I believed I had fixed it by adding the use_binaries
parameter and code paths to dep_zapdeps. If it's not working then there must
be a bug left somewhere.

Having a quick look at the dep_zapdeps function, I can't see what but I think
I've discovered another bug. If use_binaries is true, porttree isn't checked
for matches which means that it'll fall through to the "last resort" code
when there's no matching binaries which could end up selecting an atom that
only has masked porttree matches.

Hmm, there could be a problem the other way too. If there is a binary package
of a masked package and -k (rather than -K) is used, the binary package might
still be chosen. Either way, I'll do some tests and figure out what's not

Jason Stubbs
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