On Thursday 03 March 2005 12:02 am, Peter Gordon wrote:

> Dang it..this is one reason I hate proprietary drivers. The 1.0-6629 driver
> doesn't work for me (Riva TNT2 M64), and the compile fix isn't being
> backported to 1.0-6111 *sigh* Ah well. nv suits me fine until I get my
> shiny new R9250 from NewEgg =)
Put the following in your /etc/portage/package.mask (create the file if it 
doesn't exist)  :

Then emerge nvidia-kernel nvidia-glx and try this version of the nvidia 
driver.  All versions above nvidia-kernel-1.0.6111-r3 do not work for me.  So 
I finally just excepted that fact and masked everything >=1.0.6629.

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