Adis Beglerovic wrote:
Using ~x86 packages of nvidia made possible to compile it with vanilla 2.6.11.
So fix is ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge nvidia-kernel nvidia-glx

Waah! ='(

Bad Gentooer! No cookie for you!

If you are not using a full ~arch system but want certain packages from ~arch,
you should add those packages to your /etc/portage/package.keywords file (create
it if it doesn't yet exist); like so:

media-video/nvidia-glx    ~x86
media-video/nvidia-kernel ~x86

Dang it..this is one reason I hate proprietary drivers. The 1.0-6629 driver doesn't work for me (Riva TNT2 M64), and the compile fix isn't being backported to 1.0-6111 *sigh* Ah well. nv suits me fine until I get my shiny new R9250 from NewEgg =)

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