Just some questions about partitioning and filesystems... my boot partition (/dev/hda1) will be ext3, and I've got a gig of swap (/dev/hda2). Then what?

How much space should I dedicate to my system partition (/dev/hda3), where I'm installing Gentoo and all my programs? This computer will use GNOME and mainly be used for multimedia purposes: MP3 playback, DivX movie playback, et cetera, but I'll more than likely move into more advanced topics like DVD playback, Internet browsing and GPS if I ever come across some money to burn. I'm planning to format this ReiserFS and give it ten gigabytes of room to work with. I'd like speed, but data integrity is also important. (But I'll have a backup! I'll likely tarball this partition and save it on my home computer when installation is complete, for a nice, virgin install of Gentoo so I can roll back if I need to.)

Next, what would be a good choice for a partition full of my personal files? It'll mainly be MP3's (~5 MB each), DivX-compressed videos (~232 MB each), and any other personal files I choose to take with me on the road to replace my aged D-Link MP3 player. My primary objective is fast reads. I'll probably mount this partition read-only and have a backup on my main computer at home, so data integrity isn't much of a concern.


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