Neil Bothwick wrote:

>Once again, you can point PORTAGE_TMPDIR to wherever you want. I have a
>large partition I use for things like building ISO images, intermediate
>video file and suchlike and have PORTAGE_TMPDIR set to a directory on this

Yes, configuring portage for your needs is good advice.  My point is
mostly that you want to keep 'temporary' files and 'permanent' files
separated.  Same goal, different method.   I still think you want /var
to be a separate partition, but it could be smaller in that case, maybe
1-2G.  Just keep in mind that /usr/tmp is a link to /var/tmp, and many
applications that use /usr/tmp expect a virtually unlimited amount of
disk space to be available.

>>[Slightly Off Topic]
>>With the current journaled filesystems for linux, it really doesn't make
>>sense to talk about 'data-integrity'.  Corrupted files are just as
>ext3 also has an option to journal the data, but there's a significant
>performance hit.

Thanks...good to know.  I have never used ext3, so my knowledge about it
is quite limited.


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