I've been screwed over by Netgear for being a Linux user and I need to
spread the word.  I've been having a seriously difficult time getting
my Gentoo machines reliably connected to my wireless network for
almost 6 months.  The software end of things is finally rock solid and
I now realize that one of my 3 wireless cards works only sometimes. 
Luckily, I have two of that card.  One copy works every time in two
different machines and the other works sometimes in them.

Very long story short, they will not replace my bad card because I
can't try it in Windows.  I even explained to them that I bought 3
Netgear wireless cards and one Netgear router through Dell 6 months
ago.  Even after a lot of yelling and bad noise they would not budge. 
The rep said he agreed with me but that that it is out of his hands. 
He also would not put me on the phone with his supervisor.

- Grant
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