OK, *thats* the focusing of the comment that I mentioned. Had that been there in the first place, I wouldn't'a jumped.

Still no reason not to have nice tools though, for those making the transition... could even 'waste'(not!) time telling un Gentoo-virgins whatinhell is actually being done, to help us learn. And I just might attack creating that tool myself in a couple'a months when I get back caught up; be a good way to get into Gentoo-specific programming... Anybody want to volunteer to help making it better & more complete by adding the stuff for hardware that I don't have access to?
Certainly at least I'll write a complete howto-type doco.


Ciaran McCreesh wrote:

On Tue, 05 Apr 2005 17:22:52 -0400 "Robert G. Hays"
| People don't *want* to learn computers (making the training that much | harder & slower), and, truthfully, they shouldn't *Need* to, beyond
| the *Very* basics.

That might be the case if they're running Ubuntu or Linspire. This is
Gentoo. Our target userbase is people who have at least a fair idea of
what they're doing and have no objection to learning more.

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