Ciaran McCreesh wrote:

On Tue, 05 Apr 2005 17:22:52 -0400 "Robert G. Hays"
| People don't *want* to learn computers (making the training that much | harder & slower), and, truthfully, they shouldn't *Need* to, beyond
| the *Very* basics.

That might be the case if they're running Ubuntu or Linspire. This is
Gentoo. Our target userbase is people who have at least a fair idea of
what they're doing and have no objection to learning more.

Granted!, which is part of why I'm still fighting with it -- I'll need (at least some!) of this knowledge for other things I am going to do in the near future.
The other reason is that Gentoo looks like it will be the best for my needs... "With the Power comes the Gory." Sigh.
And I *still* say that this install was *way* harder that there was any reason for it to be.

The reason that I got all incensed was that your previous post sounded a H*** of a lot like a *general* position; *my* position is that those of us who can, should *certainly* have the powerful, *flexible* tools that we can put to good use being more _productive_, and enjoy better while we do, but for everyone else, yeah, give them the 'sugar-coated' tools to let them make a living without getting ulcers, too.


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