On 09/19/2016 11:36 PM, Kai Krakow wrote:
> Am Mon, 19 Sep 2016 20:05:19 -0700
> schrieb Daniel Frey <djqf...@gmail.com>:
>> So, I have a week off and have time to mess around trying to upgrade
>> to Plasma once again.
>> I have got it mostly-somewhat upgraded, but I have two bizarre
>> problems.
>> The first one is I have two volume controls in the tray. I have no
>> idea why, and both seem to present slightly different controls. Could
>> this be related to pulseaudio?
> There's kmix and there's the systray integrated mixer. Disable either
> one of them. With modern versions of plasma I prefer the plasma
> integrated mixer and uninstalled kmix.
> You can disable the other mixer in the systray properties.

Yes, that solved it, thank you.

I also figured out my Thunderbird problem, for some reason "Fullscreen"
was set under window properties (right-click Thunderbird in the task
bar, More Actions.)

I've noticed a couple more things. One is after resume from standby the
plasma taskbar hangs at 100% cpu for 2-3 minutes, during which time you
can't open the K menu, click on open programs in the task bar or start
any apps. The tray icons and clock are also frozen. Has anyone
experienced this? It only does this after resume, it seems to be fine

Is there a way to speed up alt-tab switching? Often I hit alt-tab
expecting it to switch to another app but nothing happens. I have to hit
it two or sometimes even three (!) times to make it switch. This is
really irritating and slows down my work flow.


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