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>On 09/20/2016 08:26 PM, Kai Krakow wrote:
>>> I've noticed a couple more things. One is after resume from standby
>>> the plasma taskbar hangs at 100% cpu for 2-3 minutes, during which
>>> time you can't open the K menu, click on open programs in the task
>>> bar or start any apps. The tray icons and clock are also frozen. Has
>>> anyone experienced this? It only does this after resume, it seems to
>>> be fine otherwise.
>> Any chances you're using calendar access in plasma widgets? I'm using
>> calendars via akonadi-ews, and the clock widget has access to this
>> (also korgac integrates with the plasma bars and accesses the
>> calendar). This leads plasma to blocking for about 1 minute after
>> or resume - but only due to heavy writes of logs about zoneinfo that
>> cannot be found. The problem here is that Outlook uses very strange
>> time zone names (which even seem to change from version to version, I
>> wonder how MS programmers keep track of it). The solution was to
>> symlink the missing names (which you can extract from the X session
>> logs and/or journal) to /usr/share/zoneinfo/localtime and now it
>> and my calendar events are even at the correct hour (and not shifted
>> another time zone). For me, blocking of plasma is now gone or at
>> reduced to a very short time.
>Well, I think I might have solved this one for now. I was using the
>nouveau driver and I was playing a news clip and had no sound and when
>clicked on the volume control in the tray my computer hardlocked.
>I was able to ssh in to see that nouveau was crashing constantly trying
>to do what plasma was asking of it; I have installed the recommended
>nvidia-drivers version that was mentioned on nvidia's site and now it
>seems to be okay.
>Six or so months ago I tried both nouveau and nvidia's drivers and they
>were both crashing plasma every 10-20 seconds.
>>> Is there a way to speed up alt-tab switching? Often I hit alt-tab
>>> expecting it to switch to another app but nothing happens. I have to
>>> hit it two or sometimes even three (!) times to make it switch. This
>>> is really irritating and slows down my work flow.
>> I wonder about this annoying bug, too. As a programmer this is
>> absolutely irritating as I do a lot of alt+tab between editors, logs,
>> web browsers, and documentation. :-(
>> Something similar happens when switching tasks using the mouse:
>> Sometimes the first click on a taskbar icon is simply not fully
>> recognized, it just switches focus to plasma but doesn't switch the
>> application to front.
>> Sometimes I feel like this may be related to having multiple monitors
>> connected.
>I do not have multiple monitors. I haven't seen the mouse issue yet as
>when alt+tab isn't working I have to resort to the dang mouse and it
>always works.
>However, on the plus side, I disabled the compositor effects on the
>alt-tab switching and so now it works as expected.
>I've attached a small screenshot, make sure what I've circled in red is
>NOT checked. It's under system settings -> window management -> task

All those effects depend on your 3D GPU.

The nouveau drivers don't fully support 3D (please correct me if I am wrong) 
due to Nvidia not being able (legally) to provide all the necessary specs. 
(This is Nvidias claim, I am not interested in a discussion if this is really 
true or not)

If you want to use nouveau, disable ALL compositing effects and it should then 
be more stable.

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