Howdy folks,
I find myself in a position where I have some IBM pseries servers at hand, and of course my first instinct is to install Gentoo :)

I've tried following the handbook[1] but I fail at the media step, as there is no ppc64 download, just /mirror/gentoo/releases/ppc inside there in 2007 and 2008 I can find "universal" iso and they do work but these are too old to install from (EAPI blockers / kernel too old for chroot with newer stage3 etc etc)

in /mirror/gentoo/releases/ppc/autobuilds/current-iso there is a minimal iso which has no ppc64 and i can't get yaboot to boot. i've used the 2007 and 2008 ppc64 and they seem to boot fine, just a bit old is all.

can anyone point me in the direction of an "install-ppc64-minimal-20141204.iso" or hopefully something newer?
my google-fu is letting me down!

thanks in advance!


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