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> >> Make sure you check the specs. Either it'll be expensive, or it
> >> probably won't do it. My Dells have been the only printer/scanners
> >> I've had that do it - HP's don't, Epsons don't ...  
> > 
> > That's not correct. My HP laser AIO can scan to email, a network
> > folder or a USB stick.
> >   
> I've seen printers advertised as scanning to email and network folders,
> and it turns out you need to control it FROM THE COMPUTER. (I saw the
> adverts, downloaded the manual, and there was no mention of doing from
> the front panel, but copious explanation of how to use the computer
> software.)

Bear in mind that I am not using adverts as my source of information but
the printer sitting next to my desk.

> My Dell, you need the computer to configure it, but then everything is
> controlled from the printer front panel.

It's exactly the same with my HP. You don't even need a windows program
to configure it, although they do supply one, as the printer has a built
in web server for configuration. And if you plug in a USB stick it opens
a menu that includes an option to scan to the stick.

Neil Bothwick

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