Andrew Lowe wrote:
> On 1/2/20 1:42 am, Andrew Lowe wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>      I posted something a few days ago about middle click of a mouse
>> not working. In investigating this, I think I have come across
>> something a bit dodgy.
> [snip]
>     Well this problems is solved. As someone pointed out, Jack both
> times, it was related to things not being set. To expose the Logitech
> drivers you need INPUT, HID and LEDS_CLASS all set. If you don't then
> Logitech will disappear.
>     I'm sure that in the past I've had to enable things and when I
> tried to select them, I couldn't and then a look in the help indicated
> something else needed to be enabled - enable it and I could subsequent
> select. In this case, the thing, LOGITECH was not even displayed. As
> to whether this is new behaviour or not, can't select Vs hidden, I
> don't know. Menuconfig is an absolute mess and, is it too much to ask
> for alphabetical order, and the less that I need to interact with it
> the better.
>     Thanks for those who offered help,
>         Andrew

You are not alone on hidden items.  A little while back, I needed to
enable something for my drive file systems.  It wouldn't let me see it
until like three or four other things were enabled.  Thing is, when I
would enable one and go look again, it would have added another one that
had to be enabled.  It is frustrating at times.  I'd think there should
be a better way but I'm not doing the coding.  Maybe show all options
and if others need to be enabled, a little popup letting you know that
enabling that will also enable others.  After all, if you have to have
that driver, you'll have to enable those others whether you have to go
dig for them or not.  :/

I guess this is one of those, 'it's to late to do it better' things.  It
may require a complete rewrite to get it to work better and no one wants
to step up and do all that coding.  ;-)  I know I don't, and can't. 

Glad you got it sorted out tho.  Hard to have a GUI with no mouse


:-)  :-) 

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