Hi again,

I feel that the documentation provided in the pop-up box in the Geoserver
GUI within /*Edit Workspace --> Services --> Workspace Specific Services*/
needs some polishing. It is an important section for Geoserver users.

The following workflow makes a Geoserver workspace restricted to *WMS* using
the Geoserver GUI.

*Step A:*
(1) Create a Geoserver workspace (i.e. *public_maps*)
(2) Navigate to */Data --> Workspaces --> public_maps/*
(3) Under the /*'Services'*/ list tick all the boxes. Clicking all the boxes
allows you to create custom WFS,WMS, and WCS services for the workspace
/*public_maps*/. If you leave one box without a tick (e.g. WMS) your
workspace must use the global Geoserver configuration for that specific
service (i.e. the WMS).
(4) Click on /*Save*/

*Step B:*
(5) From the side panel on the Geoserver admin page under /*Services*/ click
on /*WFS*/.
(6) Using the /*Workspace*/ drop-down menu select /*public_maps*/. If you
haven't ticked WFS on previous Step A (2) then your workspace will not be
shown as an option in the drop-down menu.
(7) Make sure that the tick box /*Enable WFS*/ is not ticked
(8) Scroll at the end of the web page & click on /*Submit*/.
(9) Repeat steps (5), (6), (7), and (8) for /*Services*/ /*WMS*/ and /*WCS*/

You are now set. Your workspace (i.e. *public_maps*) will be serving only
WMS. When a user makes an attempt to ask the workspace using ows/wfs they
will be receiving an error message (i.e. ServiceException: Service WFS is


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