As Sergey Alyoshin wrote:

> I can't reproduce it on 64 and 32-bit systems with file
> example/protel-pnp/SE_SG_IF_V2.GTL

It's not easy to reproduce.  It happened as part of a complex panel
(panelizing 13 sub-PCBs).  When using the files that caused the
problem in a single, separate project, they did work though.

Anyway, comparing floating-point numbers other than ±0.0, NaN or ±Inf
for equality is always error-prone.  It would probably work if gerbv
internally consistently used constants like M_PI for both assignment
and comparison, but as of now, it flips back and forth between degrees
and radians.

Thus, I think the really only safe option is to compare for less than
a small epsilon rather than equality.

> Do you do rotation from command line or GUI?

GUI.  It's a rather complex job consisting of 112 layers for all
sub-PCBs.  Apart from the rotation issue, Gerbv did indeed a fine job
on that.

The only addition that were on my wishlist is to allow for a kind of
output batch file that can remember which input layers to be merged
into which output layer, so this stackup has to be defined only once,
and then can be re-run again if needed.  I wonder whether this could
be done using the embedded scheme interpreter?
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