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* The lists and their intended use are:

Full HD TV  - A new one similar to the next, which I've just created
after discovering here that these downloads are available, so I haven't
yet quite decided on absolute criteria to distinguish between the two.

HD TV       - For David Attenborough and other nature documentaries,
films, etc.


I tend to fetch a wider variety of items, so usually go via the schedules.
My better half/controller also prefers some things that bore me, and I need
to keep those in mind as well. :-)

Is there an easy way to see what is fetchable as the "Full HD" though?

Not really. If you have a particular programme in mind, then the following would tell you ...

        GiP <search term> --info | grep -i 'fhd'
        GiP --pid <pid> --info | grep -i 'fhd'
Windows (which I know you don't use, but others do):
        GiP <search term> --info | find /i "fhd"
        GiP --pid <pid> --info | find /i "fhd"

Notes (as I'm sure you would realise, but others may not):

  1)  Absence of output means the programme is not Full HD.
2) If the <search term> version finds more than one programme, then the above won't tell you which hits any results apply to! 3) The above relies on the string 'fhd' not appearing anywhere in the output except in the lines relating to tv quality. To be more precise would require a slightly more sophisticated approach, but wouldn't be difficult to achieve. For example pipe the output through a search for
'qualities:' before the one for 'fhd'.

general I'd not bother as the usual HD seems Ok to me, but it may be useful
for items where image quality is particularly important. Does the "Full HD"
have better sound than the now-standard 192k for TV? (The old 320k for TV
having sadly been knocked on the head when someone at the BBC noticed it
was still going out without them intending it!)

Sadly, it's actually even worse than that ...
        Art That Made Us
        Beauty Of Maps
        Gilbert & Sullivan - The Gondoliers
        Scotland's Sacred Islands
... all 1920x1080x50 but 128kbps,Stereo,48kHz!

Logic has not been the BBC's strong point for a good long while, probably since the scrapping of the old R&D/technical standards department(s), whatever it/they were actually called (never having worked for them I've only heard others' occasional comments on this).

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