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> >> I can understand that this might happen if the PIDs are the same, but
> >> it's not my experience.  '5 Live Science' is the first time I've come
> >> up against this.
> > 
> > I specify items via pid as per their listings in the daily shedules.
> > R4 items then tend to come as the longer 'podcast' version in terms of
> > content. But having the pid shown on the BBC R4 schedules. However I
> > don't normally look at "!Zounds" so don't know about any items that
> > are podcasts which aren't broadcast.

> What are the URLs of the listing pages you are using to get the PIDs?

Example: Today's R4 page that I'd use is this

If I then hover the mouse pointer over an item FireFox shows the
address/pid at the bottom left of its window. e.g. For the "Midnight News"
I see "m0016hg6".

I then give that to gip and it fetches the file. In many cases this then
gives me a 'podcast' version - i.e. longer than the broadcast slot and
often with a top/tail about podcasts, etc.

FWIW I go though the listings and make a text file listing the pids of
items I want. I then DND that file onto a simple ROX-Filer app I've
written. This then chugs though fetching them as I do something else - e.g.
make breakfast. :-)

Also did that to fetch the 'RKO story' and the following films this
morning. (Listed on BBC4 TV last night.) Whilst I made breakfast. Also
means I can fetch before 9am and the data isn't counted towards my monthly
data 'cap'. Looking forwards to seeing (almost) "The Thing" again as I've
just finished the book "Astounding" about  John W. Campbell and his main


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