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        --type radio --pid p02pc9ny --pid-recursive
... it finds all the previous versions before April this year that I've already 
downloaded, listened to, and then deleted, and I don't want to waste my 
bandwith downloading 550 or so programmes that I've already heard.

You can use --pid p02pc9ny --pid-recursive --hide --mark-downloaded to add to 
download history all previous podcast episodes not already downloaded. Use 
--pid p02pc9ny --pid-recursive --hide on subsequent runs to pick up new 

Ah, thank you, I wasn't aware of the '--mark-downloaded' parameter, and did in the end download them all just to delete them. At least I'll know for next time, thanks again.

I've also managed to adapt my calling program to allow parameters such as --pid in the lists of search terms, simply by not quoting any search term beginning with '--' before feeding it to GiP, so the one for low-def radio now has a line that reads '--pid p02pc9ny --pid-recursive' to pick up future podcast editions.

Normality now restored.

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