I have been listening to IOT for years and have these downloads saved for use 
Through time the BBC have delivered these programmes in slightly different 
formats and I believe they are now also available from an archive as podcasts, 
but I already have my own archive, albeit in various formats.

My problem is that in the beginning the downloads were filtered, I think by BBC but 
possibly by my filters long ago, into five categories according to subject.  The 
categories were Culture, History, Philosophy, Religion and Science.  This seems to have 
stopped around 2012, possible due to BBC format changes and since then they have all been 
saved in my system as "Unsorted" and for a while these were also numbered but 
are no longer, possibly due to changes in my own GiP setup over the years.

I am reluctant to download them all again so am posting a request for help 
please to curate these files and sort the unsorted programmes into the original 
categories.  Is this possible and if so how please?  All help much appreciated 
as it has been a while since I worked on GiP.

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