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I have been listening to IOT for years and have these downloads saved for use locally. Through time the BBC have delivered these programmes in slightly different formats and I believe they are now also available from an archive as podcasts, but I already have my own archive, albeit in various formats.

My problem is that in the beginning the downloads were filtered, I think by BBC but possibly by my filters long ago, into five categories according to subject.  The categories were Culture, History, Philosophy, Religion and Science ...
Most media files contain metadata tags, including those downloaded from the BBC. For mp3 files use `id3info` to see them. For m4a files use the idiotically-named `AtomicParsley`. For example:

$ AtomicParsley In_Our_Time_-_John_Bull_m0018nsd_other.m4a --textdata

Atom "stik" contains: Normal
Atom "cprt" contains: 2022 British Broadcasting Corporation, all rights
Atom "©nam" contains: John Bull
Atom "©ART" contains: BBC Radio 4
Atom "aART" contains: BBC Radio
Atom "©alb" contains: In Our Time
Atom "©grp" contains: Factual,History,Discussion & Talk
Atom "©wrt" contains: BBC Sounds
Atom "©gen" contains: Factual
Atom "©cmt" contains: Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the origins and
  evolution of the satirical everyman figure
Atom "©day" contains: 2022-06-30T09:00:00+01:00
Atom "©lyr" contains: Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the origin of this
  personification of the English everyman and his development as both
  British and Britain in the following centuries. He first appeared
  blahblahblah ...

David Cantrell

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