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> I have been listening to IOT for years and have these downloads saved
> for use locally. Through time the BBC have delivered these programmes


> I am reluctant to download them all again so am posting a request for
> help please to curate these files and sort the unsorted programmes
> into the original categories.  Is this possible and if so how

This may not be the best approach but it's where I would start.
Assuming your download_history file has captured all of your downloaded
IOT files, and again, assuming you're on linux as I have no idea how to
do this on Windows, I would do this :-
grep 'In Our Time' ~/.get_iplayer/Download_history to produce a list of
programmes for your chosen search criteria. The first 8 characters
comprise the pid. If I had better programming skills! I could exclude
everything except the pid. Then do a for loop around that list
'get_iplayer --info '$pid and then extract the category or whatever
else it is you want.

I trust somebody else will now come along and polish the concoction that
I've produced ;-)

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