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On 2022-07-05 09:42, Budge wrote:

I am reluctant to download them all again so am posting a request for
help please to curate these files and sort the unsorted programmes
into the original categories.  Is this possible and if so how please?
All help much appreciated as it has been a while since I worked on

If for every episode you've downloaded you renamed the files to include
some or all of the subject details, then you might be able to look for
significant keywords in those subjects.  Eg find all the unsorted files
whose subject includes "church", or "god" or "bishop" ... then place
them in your "religion" folder.  Or perhaps place them in a temporary
"probably religion" folder and cast an eye over their subjects so that
you aren't misled by subjects like "waiting for godot".

If your files don't have subject detail in them, is there not a way
to use g_ip to list available files without downloading them - that
might give you long lists of prior and recent podcasts/programme
details.  They might already be listed in your programme title caches
and those you did download in the download history files.

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