On 05/07/2022 21:04, Budge wrote:
On 05/07/2022 19:00, David Cantrell wrote:
$ AtomicParsley In_Our_Time_-_John_Bull_m0018nsd_other.m4a --textdata
Atom "©grp" contains: Factual,History,Discussion & Talk
Atom "©gen" contains: Factual

Not now at the machine where my GiP history resides but I have meanwhile been confused further by the above reference to "Factual."  I have not seen any of my existing files which have been entered into a "Factual" subdirectory.  I only have the five directories Culture, History, Philosophy, Religion and Science.  Is there another category "Factual?"

Note that there are two fields that contain "Factual".

Back when I worked on the iPlayer back-end, categories were, if I remember correctly, a multi-layered beast. I assume that they still are, and that "Factual" is the top level, which contains a "History" sub-category, which contains a "Discussion & Talk" sub-category.

Of course, that doesn't mean that they still organise things that way. But nevertheless, one of the categories you were interested in was "History", and that appears in the "©grp" atom for that particular episode.

David Cantrell

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