Rubén <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>       I'm trying to start tinking on inserting GGL games into X
> applications, and if I'm right this would be very easy because you
> allow parameters in the display-x target. I need two different things,
> for one side, to call ggi routines from (for example) a GTK
> application to draw into a GTK DrawingArea,

If you can get the window-ID of the GTK DrawingArea you can just 
open an X or Xlib visual with the apropriate -inwin parameter
and draw onto that. Otherwise you'd have to write a special
GTK target which uses GTK functions to do the drawing.

If GTK supports blitting images from a shared memory segment you
can also attach a memory visual to such a segment and draw into that.

> and for another side, I
> need to call an independent GGL/GGI program changing the environment
> variable GGI_DISPLAY.
>       I don0t know how I can do the first thing, but for the second
> one, as it's said at the libggi manpage, I should use "display-x:
> -inwin <window id>". It doesn't run at all. -inroot yes, but -inwin
> not, ggiOpen returns an error code.

Oh, you actually found a documentation bug.
The correct usage is "display-x:-inwin=<window id>", and docs have
now been updated accordingly.

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