On Sun, 19 Dec 1999, [iso-8859-1] Rubén wrote:
> parameters in the display-x target. I need two different things, for one
> side, to call ggi routines from (for example) a GTK application to draw into
> a GTK DrawingArea, and for another side, I need to call an independent
> GGL/GGI program changing the environment variable GGI_DISPLAY.

>       I don0t know how I can do the first thing,

You'll have to write an extension to Tcl for LibGGI in order to use
the LibGGI functions from within that language.  If you can hack Perl,
there are both LibTk and LibGGI extensions for that language already.  
As far as the GTK DrawingArea, if it's just a portion of an X window 
then opening the X-target with -inwin (when that works) and then using 
the display-sub target should work.

Unless the programs you are calling are made to run elsewhere, and not 
just part of your own tk app, then using GGI_DISPLAY and forking may not 
be necessary; the -inwin should be accepted by ggiOpen inside the code 
as well as by the environment.


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